Rhinoplasty Services

Nose job services are performed for a variety of reasons including facial symmetry, tip reshaping, bride reduction and facial contouring.

Rhinoplasty Tip Reshaping

The tip of the nose can be changed by eith non-surgical or surgical approaches. If filler is used, Radiesse is the preferred dermal filler. The latest technique for tip reshaping is rhinoplasty Santa Barbara, which was pioneered by Dr. Robert W. Sheffield of SB Aesthetics because of it uses local anesthesia resulting in less risk, lower cost, and reduced down time. If surgery is required, local anesthesis can be used to provide a pleasant experience.

Rhinoplasty Bridge Reduction

The bridge of teh nose can be reduced by either surgical or non-surgical appraoches. If a dermal filler is used, Radiesse is the preferred filler. The areas around the bump on the bridge can be filled in to create a less pronounced look. If surgery is required, a local anesthesia can be used.

Rhinoplasty Facial Symmetry

Rnioplasty makes adjustments to the nose area. The center of the face is the center of all facial symmetry. When those nose region is out of balance the facial symmetry is way off which makes it more obvious to the eye. The surgical method can repair the symmetry the best.

Rhinoplasty Facial Contour

Having an aesthetic profile is important to most people. Rhinoplasty can give a beautiful side profile provide there is facial symmetry. The resulting contour enhances beauty and creates a higher self-esteem of the patient.